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YAY! At Last! An independent ALL-IN-ONE ONLINE News and Media Platform for Mossel Bay and neighbouring South Cape towns and areas in the spectacular Garden Route.

The name mosselbayonTheline already says it all: It is UNIQUE (the only place called Mossel Bay in the world), it is conveniently ONline to reach all and sundry at the outskirts of the world and it will keep you HOOKED and happily chatting on the line!

Because you WILL be HOOKED (and sometimes even SPOOKED!) by our exciting variety of hard, breaking news, investigative journalism, interesting articles and informative and fun content . . . a package guaranteed to keep you intrigued, enticed, thrilled and entertained!


MosselbayonTheline is an independent, non-political and objective online community newspaper and media platform FOR the community BY the community. Initially focusing on Mossel Bay, our aim is to unite the community, keep them informed with factual and unbiased content, work together towards identifying and solving problems and most of all – to SHOWCASE our spectacular South Cape and its extraordinary people, creatures and features to the rest of the world!


Since the costly printed media has become mostly outdated and unable to keep up with the fast pace of modern life and the amount of breaking news, the digital media is the way to go! Not only is the internet immediate and within everyone’s reach, it has UNlimited reach potential and is by far the fastest, cheapest and most powerful and popular social media platform. Mossel Bay does not have an INdependent community news platform where sensitive issues and irregularities can be investigated independently regardless of who and what is involved. So, the question should rather be WHY NOT?

MosselbayonTheline aims to fulfill many community needs and necessities:

  • To Inform: A little knowledge about something is often more dangerous than no knowledge at all. It invariably leads to gossip, misunderstanding and in-house fighting, which divide and weaken a society. By keeping the community informed about all relevant municipal and political decisions, happenings and new developments on a regular and transparent basis via trustworthy, impartial, factual and investigative reporting and journalism, everybody knows what is going on and thus no need for gossip, guessing and gobsmackedness.
    * To Promote: Providing a solid, professional platform from which to promote and broadcast the beauty, businesses, talents and many other assets of Mossel Bay and the wild, wonderful Garden Route to the whole wide world.

  • * Watch Dog: No community can prosper and exist peacefully without strong, fair and transparent leadership and accountability from authorities. One of the many functions of a media platform is to be a watch dog for the community by investigating, exposing and reporting on controversial and contentious issues, malpractices and actions by individuals, authorities and businesses that pose a threat or are not in the interest of the community as a whole.

  • * VOICE: To GIVE a Voice to the unheard and to BE a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves. We would LOVE to hear your stories, gripes and concerns and to publish it in order to share successes or to help find solutions for problems. Confidentiality rules will apply if requested and if it is in the interest of the community, we will gladly investigate sensitive issues.

  • * To Entertain: MosselbayonTheline is dedicated to supply you with plenty entertaining stories and fun gimmicks as we grow and expand to incorporate more and more social media entertainment, games and competitions. But we cannot do it alone – we need YOUR input and ideas to ensure all community needs and wants are met to become a powerful and entertaining media platform – the MOUTH for the SOUTH!
    * Rome was not built in a day . . . so hang on, tell us what you want and watch this space!


Do you have interesting news that you would like to share with the community? Know of a controversial issue or incidents of serious misconduct/fraud that needs to be investigated and exposed in the interest of the community?

Contact our NEWSROOM at 0842401540 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The beauty of an online news publication is that urgent breaking news of events that impact the community can immediately be published . . . as it happens.
All confidential information will be kept strictly confidential and we never reveal our sources or the identity of anonymous informants.

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We tackle ISSUES, not individuals, to help find solutions to problems

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