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TWENTY years after the US National Institute of Justice warned how electronic technology will take over all aspects of crime and murder, and long before the heavily contested and militarized 5G/AI technology was overnight unleashed upon an unsuspecting society, those predictions have come home to roost.

cellphone technology2Cellphone technology

Cellphone technology, which allows people access to anyone's personal cellphone data and locations, seems to be at the root of the spree of high-profile murders in South Africa in the past few months.

The investigation into the assassination of Western Cape top cop, lt.colonel Charl Kinnear in September 2020 unearthed a snake pit of racketeering, bribery, betrayal and assassinations in which high ranking officials, dirty cops, gangsters and even Bosnian hitmen were allegedly involved using cellphone apps and technology.  Cellphone companies such as Vodacom and MTN are now part of the investigation regarding confidentiality breaches. 

Charl Kinnear murder scene

It appears that the cellphones of most of the recent high profile murder victims in Cape Town had been traced for months via a professional syndicate with wide-spread tentacles and connections in the Western Cape underworld.

Even the cellphone of the murdered anaesthetist, Dr Abdulhay Munshi, was allegedly pinged 635 times by the Edenvale ex-cop Bradley Goldblatt, from whom Zane Kilian apparently bought the "ping app and login code" for his one-man debt collection and vehicle repossession business in Springs. Goldblatt allegedly controlled and managed a platform from which an unknown number of people could ping and monitor any number of individuals' cellphone locations.   

Addulhay Munshi

Dr Abdulhay Munshi was shot to death on Wednesday night 16 September in a vigilante killing in Johannesburg. 

Kilian has been in custody since 21 September 2020 and has thus far solely taken the full wrap for Kinnear's assassination, although he denied having any knowledge of Kinnear's murder or the individual(s) behind it. The identity of a Mr Mohammed, who allegedly recruited Kilian to trace the whereabouts of his "unfaithful wife", is still unknown although all the numbers Mohammed used to contact Kilian are in the SAPS's possession. Kilian's repeated requests for a polygraph or any lie detector test have also been denied.  

Zane Kilian mooiBradley Goldblatt2Charl Kinnear1

Accused Zane Kilian (left) and ex-cop Bradley Goldblatt from whom Kilian bought his "ping kit" . . .  

Meanwhile, it has been confirmed that Kinnear's phone and those of the other high-profile murder victims were pinged by various people who also used Goldblatt's platform.     

Read the rest - it sounds/reads like an old-time Cowboys & Crooks era turned scary robotic hi-tech .  .  .  



Twenty years after this official report on the dangers of electronic crime was published, the predictions came home to roost with the unprecedented global implementation of weaponized 5G/AI technology that controls all virtual reality and communication (media) while the world is/was simultaneously hiding from a unique flu virus propagandized by the same powers that own/control 5G/AI ? 

Electronic Crime Scene Investigation - 2000

The Internet, computer networks, and automated data systems present an enormous new opportunity for committing criminal activity. Computers and other electronic devices are being used increasingly to commit, enable, or support crimes perpetrated against persons, organizations, or property.

Whether the crime involves attacks against computer systems, the information they contain, or more traditional crimes such as murder, money laundering, trafficking, or fraud, electronic evidence increasingly is involved.

It is no surprise that law enforcement and criminal justice officials are being overwhelmed by the volume of investigations and prosecutions that involve electronic evidence. 


huawei loganVodacomMTN logo

Thanks to modern technology, the footage of slain cop Charl Kinnear's assassination was captured on footage from various cameras, but the actual killer was NEVER mentioned again . . . ? 


Kinnear phoneKinnear phone2

 Kinnear phone3Kinnear phone4

Kinnear phone5Kinnear phone6


 Kinnear phone7Kinnear phone8

Kinnear phone9


The man charged with the murder of top Cape Town cop Charl Kinnear used an app, controlled by an ex-policeman, to ping the slain Lieutenant Colonel’s location, Daily Maverick reported on Tuesday.

According to the publication, its investigation found that Zane Killian was one of several people, including corrupt officers, who used the former Gauteng police officer’s platform to intercept the phones of prominent individuals, like Kinnear and Cape Town attorney William Booth.

It was reportedly established that murdered anaesthetist, Dr Abdulhay Munshi, was pinged 635 times by the former officer, who failed to respond to the publication’s request for comment. Munshi had been allegedly shot dead in September. He and paediatric surgeon Professor Peter Beale were charged with culpable homicide last year after the death of a 10-year-old boy following an operation, in which Munshi assisted.

According to Daily Maverick, the ex-policeman was questioned last week and police checked his laptop, cellphone, and bank details to determine who else he pinged. He has not yet been charged.

Kinnear was shot dead outside his house in Bishop Lavis, Cape Town, on 18 September, News24 previously reported.

Kilian, who said he was a registered private investigator, was arrested in Gauteng. He has been charged with murder, fraud, and violations of telecommunications and electronic communications laws in the Kinnear case.

News24 previously reported that Kinnear’s phone was alleged to have been pinged more than 2 000 times through the use of location-based services.

Following an analysis of a “ping list” of people whose numbers had allegedly been tracked and monitored, Kilian was added to the case in which five people have already been arrested for the attempted murder of Booth.

Shots were allegedly fired at Booth’s house in Cape Town on 9 April. He was not injured.

Kilian is now the sixth accused, along with Kauthar Brown, Ebrahim Deare, Riyaad Gesant, Kim Smith, and Igsaan Williams.

-The Citizen



Kinnear phone Brad


Bradley Goldblatt

Ex-cop Bradley Goldblatt while he was still a member of the SAPS in Edenvale

Zane Kilian by Mad Hatters Tea Party

Zane Kilian at a Mad Hatter's Tea Party in Johannesburg which he attended annually with his belated  mother



Kinnear Shooter Media24

Meanwhile, the alleged Cape Town underworld figure Nafiz Modack, accused of leading a national gun-running scheme, has accused top Western Cape cops of plotting to have him assassinated . . .  

Alleged Cape Town underworld figure Nafiz Modack has accused top Western Cape cops of plotting to have him assassinated. (Photo: Pieter Abrahams)


Jerome Donkie Booysen

Jerome (Donkie) Booysen, the alleged leader of the Sexy Boys gang, initially brought Zane Kilian into the Kinnear investigation when he came forward to claim that he was "tipped off" by an informant that his phone was pinged by a man called Zane Kilian. 

The "ping lists" have now become the centre of the investigation to determine how many "clients" used Goldblatt's platform to gain access to any number of individuals' phones.  

Another figure in the Cape underworld, Ernie “Lastig” Solomon (62), also jumped on the bandwagon after it was alleged that his number was also on the ping lists. 


Bosniese moordenaars glo gereël om offisiere te vermoor

Deur Maygene de Wee 05 November 2020 

’n Vermeende rolspeler in die Kaapse onderwêreld het glo die dienste van vier Bosniese sluipmoordenaars in November 2019 bekom om vier Wes-Kaapse polisieoffisiere te vermoor.

Dié inligting het ’n polisiebeampte verbonde aan die Wes-Kaapse teenbendeeenheid op 13 November 2019 aan maj.genl. André Lincoln, hoof van die WesKaapse teenbende-eenheid, in ’n amptelike verslag verskaf.
Die vier offisiere op die vermeende moordlys was genl.maj. Jeremy Vearey, genl.maj. André Lincoln, lt.kol. Charl Kinnear en kapt. Althea Jaftha.

’n Dag nadat die moordlys aan Lincoln bekend gemaak is, is lt.kol André Kay (52) op 14 November 2019 by sy huis in 11de Straat, Bishop Lavis doodgeskiet.
Kay was verbonde aan die polisie se eenheid wat die bedrywe vir drank, vuurwapens en tweedehandse goedere reguleer.
Die vermoede is dat die aanslag op Kay se lewe eintlik vir Kinnear bedoel was. Sy straat is sowat 850 m van Gearingstraat, Sidneyvale in Bishop Lavis, waar Kinnear tot met sy moord op 18 September vanjaar gewoon het.
Kinnear, speurhoof van die teenbende-eenheid, is voor sy huis in Gearingstraat doodgeskiet terwyl hy vir sy oudste seun gewag het om sy voertuig uit die oprit te trek.
Luidens inligting moes die Bosniese sluipmoordenaars handgranate na die huise van Lincoln en Kinnear gooi om hulle uit die weg te ruim. Dit moes glo dien as ’n boodskap aan enige ander polisielid wat die vermeende rolspeler in die Kaapse onderwêreld wou ondersoek.

Lincoln het volgens inligting van bronne op 15 November 2019 opdrag gegee dat lede van die teenbende-eenheid statiese pligte by Kinnear se huis moet verrig.
Hy het dieselfde dag ook die inligting oor die doodsdreigement by lt.genl. Sindile Mfazi, wat toe die waarnemende polisiehoof van die Wes-Kaap was, en aan Vearey, die adjunk-kommissaris belas met speurdienste, aangemeld.

Ses dae nadat Lincoln die dreigement aan Mfazi gerapporteer het, het hy (Mfazi) ’n epos aan Vearey, Lincoln, Kinnear en Jaftha gestuur waarin hy hulle ingelig het van ’n vergadering tussen die vyf van hulle. Dit was op 21 November 2019.
Volgens inligting was die vergadering vir 22 November om 08:00 gereël. Die oggend van die beoogde vergadering is die vier polisie-offisiere, Vearey, Lincoln, Kinnear en Jaftha, per e-pos ingelig dat die vergadering gekanselleer is. Geen rede is verskaf nie.
Lede van die teenbende-eenheid, wat statiese dienste by Kinnear se huis verrig het, het die volgende dag, op 23 November 2019, ’n verdagte man deursoek wat naby Kinnear se huis rondgedrentel het.

’n Handgranaat is by hom gevind en hy is in hegtenis geneem.
’n Dag ná Kinnear se moord het sy weduwee, Nicolette Kinnear, gesê dat Donderdag 19 Desember 2019 die laaste dag was waarop hulle polisiebeskerming geniet het.
Volgens haar het die polisiebeamptes nog die Donderdagaand daar diens gedoen, maar die Vrydagoggend, 20 Desember 2019, het niemand opgedaag nie.
Sy het gesê geen rede is verskaf oor hoekom die beskermingsdiens onttrek is nie. “Ek weet Charl het gevra, maar tot vandag toe weet ek nie wie die opdrag gegee het of hoekom nie.”

Bheki Cele, minister van polisie, het die Saterdag ná Kinnear se dood aan Nicolette gesê dat hy ’n ondersoek gaan las oor hoekom die Kinnear se beskerming gestaak is.
Volgens hom sou die ondersoek binne sewe dae afgehandel wees.
Dit lyk egter nou ná bykans twee maande ná die moord op Kinnear dat die polisie hul voete sleep om die redes vir die onttrekking van die beskerming te ondersoek.
Brig. Vish Naidoo, nasionale polisiewoordvoerder, het Donderdag gesê dat die nasionale polisiekommissaris, genl. Khehla Sitole, ’n voorlopige verslag ontvang het en dat hy na
aanleiding van aanbevelings in die verslag gevra het dat nog ’n interne ondersoek gedoen word.

Volgens Naidoo is die interne ondersoek nou aan die gang.

Hy het ook gesê dat hy geen kennis van Mfazi se e-pos dra nie. “Maar ek is seker as daar so ’n e-pos is, sal dit in die verslag uitgekom het.”
Netwerk24 het kort ná Kinnear se dood berig dat Mfazi volgens betroubare bronne die besluit geneem het dat die beskerming aan Kinnear en sy gesin onttrek moet word.
Mfazi het by navraag ontken dat hy enigiets met dié besluit te doen gehad het.
Hy het toe gesê: “Wie is die man van wie jy praat? Waarvan praat jy? Ek werk by nasionaal, ek weet nie wat in die Wes-Kaap aangaan nie.”
Hy het ook ontken dat hy in die tydperk toe die beskermingsdiens aan Kinnear onttrek is, die waarnemende Wes-Kaapse polisiehoof was.
Mfazi is in Julie 2019 as waarnemende Wes-Kaapse polisiehoof aangestel nadat die vorige Wes-Kaapse polisiehoof, lt.genl. Khombinkosi Jula, na KwaZulu-Natal terugverplaas is.
Hy het eers in Januarie 2020 die leisels aan Jula se opvolger, lt.genl. Yolisa Matakata, oorgegee.
* Nog net een mens is tot dusver in verband met Kinnear se moord in hegtenis geneem. Wes-Kaapse speurders het Zane Kilian, ’n voormalige beroepsrugbyspeler van Springs in Gauteng, op 22 September by sy huis in hegtenis geneem.
Hy staan tereg op aanklagte van sameswering tot moord, moord, die onwettige onderskepping van kommunikasie en bedrog. Die staat beweer dat hy Kinnear se selfoonsein sedert Maart vanjaar tot die dag van sy moord nagespoor het.
Kilian is intussen ook op aanklagte van sameswering tot moord en die onwettige onderskepping van kommunikasie in die saak van William Booth, ’n bekende Kaapse
strafreg-prokureur, aangekla. Hy het glo ook Booth se selfoonseine nagespoor.
Booth het op 9 April vanjaar ’n sluipmoordaanval op sy lewe oorleef.
Kilian verskyn Dinsdag in die landdroshof in Kaapstad in verband met Booth se saak.
Hy moet weer op 27 November in die streekhof in Bellville verskyn, waar sy regspan ’n gesamentlike borgtogaansoek in albei sake gaan bring.
Kinnear se moordenaar is nog soek. 



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Shocking evidence has emerged that an alleged crooked Edenvale cop, who was apparently also involved in the selling of firearms, operated a lucrative cyber sideline-business by selling cellphone apps and technology to various people which enables them to "ping" anyone from the central platform he controls.

 Bradley Goldblatt

Ex-cop Bradley Goldblatt apparently sold his technology to hundreds of clients, including corrupt police officers and gangsters in the Western Cape Underworld, enabling them to intercept the phones of prominent individuals like the slain lt.col. Charl Kinnear and Capetonian attorney William Booth.

This latest development cut to the core of the dragging investigation into the brutal assassination of the decorated top detective by a lone shooter in broad daylight outside his Bishop Lavis home on 18 September 2020.

The alleged involvement of underworld characters and a corrupt police officer also cast a shady light on the entire investigation that has been dragging on for more than six weeks with very little results.

Springs former rugby player Zane Kilian (39), thus far the only "official suspect" in Kinnear's assassination, was apparently only one of Goldblatt's many clients across the country who used the same platform to intercept the phones of thousands of people.

Kilian operates a small one-man debt collection and vehicle repossession business from his home in Springs for which he obtained a basic qualification to include tracing and investigation. 

Zane sertifikaat 


Zane lidmaatskap


Goldblatt's gigantic app platform apparently provided pinging technology and login codes to thousands of illicit users who were never verified. His clients include members of the Hawks, SAPS and SANDF. 


Zane Kilian borgfoto

Persistent allegations that Zane Kilian has been framed as a safe, handy decoy and scapegoat because he cannot identify the true killers have earlier led to an online petition to grant him bail    

It also came to light that a consortium of Jewish Cape Town businessmen was going to buy out Goldblatt's platform to which they already have access, proving the vast number of people out there who have access to the same platform and the capacity to ping.

Goldblatt's alleged involvement and contact with other corrupt cops and underworld characters also complicate matters for Kilian to find legal representation. Most criminal lawyers have become fearful to represent clients in murder trials in which gangsters and underworld characters are implicated following the murder of Cape Town advocate Pete Mihalik in what is believed to be a revenge-killing by opposing gang members.  

Mihalik was killed in front of his children in a well-planned hit in October 2018 outside Reddam House school in Green Point as he was dropping them off. Jannie Kruger, the Johannesburg lawyer who initially represented one of the three accused, received death threats and consequently withdrew from the case.


Adv. Eckhardt Rösemann (left) who initially represented Kilian with Gauteng lawyer Eric Bryer (right), has already stepped down to be replaced by adv. CJ Van Aswegen after assessing the enormity of the case that might lead to a Pandora's Box of police and gangster involvement that could further tarnish the SAPD's dubious reputation.  

Zane attorneys

While the police investigation is still stuck on these "ping lists", Kilian's family has now appointed a team of private investigators in Cape Town to find and identify the actual killer who was captured on various cameras strolling in the area for six hours prior to the actual shooting in front of Kinnear's Bishop Lavis home on 18 September 2018.

Kilian skieter3 

Kilian's lawyer, Eric Bryer, welcomed the new development that proves that his client was just one of many people who used Goldblatt's platform and ping bundles. Kilian admitted from day 1 that he unknowingly pinged Kinnear's cellphone number under the impression that it was the number of a client's wife. He maintained that he was working for a client called Mohammed who recruited him to trace the cellphone location of his wife whom he suspected of extra-marital affairs. 

Kilian also revealed earlier that he bought the "ping bundles" and technology from Bradley Goldblatt, who also supplied him with a specific login code.  The question is now how many of Goldblatt's clients used the same login codes.  

It has been established that the cellphone locations of both adv. Pete Mihalik and the slain Johannesburg anaesthetist Dr Abdulhay Munshi were pinged continuously before they were shot to death in cold blood. In both instances the pinging was not done by Zane Kilian. 

The cellphone location of Munshi, a co-accused in a culpable homicide case following the death of a young patient, was allegedly pinged 635 times before he was killed in September in a Johannesburg suburb. A vehicle apparently rammed into the back of Munshi's vehicle while he was driving and when he got out to assess the damage, he was shot.   



Eric Bryer

Bryer said it is "inexcusable" that an ex-cop (Goldblatt) did not verify any of his subscribers and allowed them to ping to their hearts' content. It is also incomprehensible that he has not been arrested immediately when his illegal business is at the core of a multitude of unsolved murders.

 According to his Facebook profile, Bradley Goldblatt started his career at the SAPD in 2011.

Bradley Goldblatt1

Mosselbayontheline is privy to official information linking Goldblatt to a variety of criminal activities and irregularities in the Edenvale/Gauteng area which earned him the reputation as a "bad cop". He has since voluntarily resigned from the force in the face of being fired. Rumour has it that he is trying to negotiate a deal to become a Section 204 state witness in the Kinnear investigation, while he is also facing criminal charges in Johannesburg. He has reportedly been arrested, but no further information is available.   

Bradley Goldblatt info 2  

Bradley Goldblatt info1 2

Meanwhile, Kilian has been in custody since 21 September 2020 after Cape gang leader Jerome (Donkie) Booysen implicated him immediately in Kinnear's murder by saying that his (Booysen's) phone "has also been pinged by a person named  Zane Kilian".  A mob of police officers raided Zane's home at night in search of sophisticated intelligence equipment and eventually only found two cellphones. He was immediately arrested on charges of murder, conspiracy to commit murder and the illegal interception of communication.

Zane Kilian mooi1

All attempts to apply for bail had since been circumvented by the police. During his last scheduled bail application, additional charges were added to the list - including involvement in the alleged attempted murder of Cape Town attorney William Booth and fraud for claiming to work as a private detective when he was allegedly not registered with the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (Prisa). Booth was allegedly involved in an attempted hit at his home in April this year. 

Kilian's next bail application is scheduled for 27 November 2020. 

Kilian skieter

 * The strangest aspects of Kinnear's murder investigation is still that nothing is said or done about the actual young shooter who was caught on various cameras in Bishop Lavis up to 6 hours before the actual shooting.

In none of the camera footage was he talking on his cellphone or consulting it. Kilian's family wants to know why anyone would need to ping the location of somebody's cellphone if they know where he has been living for 28 years? The shooter was seen speaking to numerous people during that 6 hours, but after the shooting he disappeared in thin air, never to be seen or mentioned again.

Kilian's family is adament to find answers leading to the identification of the shooter and his whereabouts after the shooting. "We are forced to hire people to do the police's work to use available technology to identify the actual killer and to verify whether he is still alive or not - even if we have to visit all the morgues in the area", a family member said.   

 Also read:  https://citizen.co.za/news/south-africa/crime/2379286/suspect-used-app-controlled-by-ex-cop-to-track-kinnears-location-report/


Criminal lawyers are fearful of representing murder accused Zane Killian at his trial in light of information that underworld figures and a corrupt police officer were allegedly involved in the plot that claimed the life of Anti-Gang Unit section head Lieutenant-Colonel Charl Kinnear.

Advocate Eckhard Rosemann, talking candidly about representing Zane Killian, told Maverick Citizen he had initially been approached by Gauteng lawyer Eric Bryer to handle Killian’s bail application. 

Killian, a former professional rugby player, is facing a count of murder, conspiracy to commit murder and the illegal interception of communication. 

It is the state’s contention that Killian “pinged” or tracked Kinnear’s phone 2,116 times, right up until Kinnear was assassinated on Friday 18 September 2020 in front of his house at 10 Gearing Road, Bishop Lavis.

The state views Killian as an integral cog in the plot that claimed Kinnear’s life. Killian was bust in Springs on 21 September and brought to Cape Town to face the charges.

 “I wasn’t told when I decided to handle Killian’s bail application that he was implicated in the murder of Kinnear. I will handle his bail application set down for three days next week in the Bellville Regional Court,” Roseman said.

He would not elaborate on whether he would represent Killian in the ensuing murder trial. 

The alleged involvement of underworld figures and corrupt police officers has enabled Rosemann to assess the enormity of this case and the perils he could possibly face.

It is Killian’s contention that he was approached by a jealous husband, a Mr Mohamad, to track the phone of his wife whom he accused of having multiple affairs. 

Killian’s counsel during earlier appearances in the Bishop Lavis Magistrates’ Court alleged that Killian had been unaware that he had been tracking Kinnear’s phone.

However, investigations by Maverick Citizen established that payment for the tracking conducted by Killian was paid via Cash Send. 

 A pin was forwarded and the money was withdrawn. Killian was also allegedly introduced by a Gauteng security boss to the mysterious Mr Mohamad.

Mohamad’s identity is the missing link that would blow open the plot to kill Kinnear and help investigators to identify the rotten cops and the underworld figures behind the murder. 

It could set in motion the release of evidence that might further tarnish the reputation of the South African Police Services.

On Tuesday 20 October, advocates handling criminal cases in the Western Cape High Court warned that there was no guarantee Killian’s trial would not take the same route as that of murdered Cape Town advocate Pete Mihalik. 

Mihalik was killed in front of his children in a well-planned hit in October 2018 outside Reddam House school in Green Point as he was dropping them off.

In another twist in the Kinnear assassination and his 59-page affidavit containing damning allegations against members of an alleged rogue police unit, two more police officers have since come forward and made claims against corrupt senior police officers. 

Vuyile Maliti, along with Sizwe Biyela and Nkosinathi Khumalo were arrested shortly after Mihalik’s killing. The trio faces charges of attempted murder and the possession of an unlicensed firearm and ammunition.

 “Advocates and top criminal lawyers have taken a decision not to represent the accused in the Mihalik murder. After the three accused were denied bail in July 2019 in the Cape Town Magistrates’ Court the pre-trials to set down a date for the hearing have been postponed several times because of problems in obtaining legal representations for the accused in the Western Cape,” advocates said.

Meanwhile, Jannie Kruger, representing Maliti, received threats in November 2019 to withdraw from the matter. An unknown person who obtained his number called Kruger and told him if he loved his family he should “walk away”.

“After what happened to Kinnear I need to consider my representation in this matter. At this stage it would be best to ask someone in Cape Town to represent my client,” said Kruger.

Kruger is certainly not taking the threats he received lightly, nor the chilling message the death of Kinnear has sent out.

In another twist in the Kinnear assassination and his 59-page affidavit containing damning allegations against members of an alleged rogue police unit, two more police officers have since come forward and made claims against corrupt senior police officers. 

Maverick Citizen has seen the officers’ statements (we have copies) accusing members of an alleged rogue unit in Crime Intelligence of wrongful arrest, illegally detaining officers and intimidation and corruption.

One of the officers said in his statement

 “I was wrongfully arrested on 9 June 2020 by a detective on false charges of corruption and theft. I was assaulted and forced to commit perjury by giving a false statement against a fellow police officer to help them get a conviction on a case.”

The officer claimed to have been arrested while wearing full uniform and while on duty and “without a valid reason”.

“I spent 18 days in police custody. While I was in custody, a female Lieutenant-Colonel came to my cell and forced me to sign a form saying I give consent that SAPS may stop my income. The female senior officer told me that this form is only a formality and that she already submitted a form to the provincial office to stop my salary.”

However, when the arrested officer’s legal representative arrived at the court, the senior female officer didn’t arrive. The officer was released on free bail on 26 June.

Killian’s bail application has been set down for Monday and Tuesday, 26 and 27 October and Friday 30 October.

The State has indicated it will oppose bail and also exploit allegations that the documents handed in by Killian’s counsel showing he was a registered private investigator and lawfully entitled to do tracking, are not authentic. DM/MC



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Die oudste media-truuk in die boek om publieke breinspoeling en meningsvorming te bewerkstellig,  is om die lelikste foto’s te gaan uitkrap en publiseer van iemand wat verdag gemaak of in ‘n slegte lig gestel moet word.  Dit sien en beleef ons daagliks in wêreldmedia waar veral politici soos Donald Trump en kie soms bespotlik gemaak word met die mees onvleiende foto’s wat ‘n fotograaf kán vaslê, teenoor subtiel-geredigeerde glansfoto’s soos dié van wyle Prinses Diana wat van haar ‘n wêreldikoon gemaak het.

Wanneer dié tendens egter ook in ernstige misdaad- en moordberigte insluip waar ‘n ondersoek nog in ‘n beginstadium is, kan dit lewensgevaarlike gevolge inhou wanneer publieke vooroordeel en woede voortydig geskep word deur subjektiewe, partydige berigte en foto’s.

Dit het pas weer gebeur waar die enigste beskuldigde tot dusver in die opspraakwekkende sluipmoordaanval op lt. kol. Charl Kinnear al bykans ‘n maand lank in polisie-aanhouding is terwyl daar glo steeds gesoek word na ‘n “veilige” hof waar sy borgtogaansoek aangehoor kan word.

Kinnear gesin met foto van Pa

Wyle lt.kol. Charl Kinnear se vrou, Nicolette Kinnear, en hul twee seuns  Casleigh (links) en Carlisle by 'n foto van hul geliefde Pa. Nicolette het reeds in Januarie vanjaar vertel hoe die gesin in vrees lewe sedert polisiebeskerming aan hulle onttrek is.  www.iol.co.za/capeargus/news/top-cops-family-disappointed-and-betrayed-after-police-withdraw-their-protection-41064000?

Die gemeenskap van Bishop Lavis soek wraak vir die grusame skiet-dood van dié top-speurder wat op die punt was om die bendegeteisterde Kaapse woongebiede ‘n veiliger plek te maak deur senior polisiebeamptes se betrokkenheid by dié grootskaalse rampokkery oop te vlek.

Die 39-jarige Zane Kilian van Springs is feitlik onmiddellik ná Kinnear se moord geïmpliseer deur Jerome (Donkie) Booysen wat skielik onthul het dat sy (Booysen) se selfoon óók gemonitor (geping) is en dat ene Zane Kilian dit gedoen het.  ‘n “Kontak in Pretoria” het Booysen glo hiervan ingelig ten tye van Kinnear se moordondersoek.

" cl

Hoe gerieflik. Herlei die aandag dadelik na Springs en vergeet van die jong moordenaar wat oral op beeldmateriaal vasgevang is in Bishop Lavis se strate tot hy die doodskote op die niksvermoedende Kinnear afgevuur het en daarna blykbaar spoorloos verdwyn het in ‘n wit wegkommotor wat na bewering ook op die beeldmateriaal sigbaar is.

Veertig SAPD-lede het dadelik ‘n middernagtelike klopjag op die slapende Kilian se huis in Springs uitgevoer en uiteindelik is net op twee selfone beslag gelê – geen teken van gesofistikeerde toerusting soos “Grabbers” of selfs ‘n rekenaar nie en sonder die nodige lasbrief of dagvaarding.

Boonop is Kilian dadelik aangekla van moord, medepligtigheid aan moord en die oortreding van die wet op telekommunikasie deurdat hy glo Kinnear se foon onwettig gemonitor (geping) het.  Hy sal nou uiteindelik op 26 Oktober 2020 in die Bellville-hof verskyn vir borgaansoek nadat hy die SAPD se aanbod om as Artikel 24-staatsgetuie op te tree in ruil vir beskerming vir hom en sy gesin geweier het “omdat hy niks van die moord op Kinnear of die beplanning daarvan weet nie.”

Beeldmateriaal van Zane Kilian in ‘n apteek in Springs waar hy medikasie vir sy seun, Zayden, gekoop het ten tye van die sluipmoord op Kinnear.

Kilian se naasbestaandes en vriende het ook met verbasing in die media gelees dat Zane en “die mense na aan hom” glo gedreig is “dat hy sy bek moet hou of hy is dood”.  Nie sy pa, vrou of enige van sy familie of vriende is bewus van so ‘n waarskuwing nie en niemand behalwe sy advokaat word al sedert 21 Oktober by hom toegelaat nie – nie eens sy naaste familie nie. Kon die media wat sulke bewerings publiseer, nie maar net seker gemaak het van hul bronne en hul feite nie? Wie het die dreigemente gemaak en wie het dit gesê? Word sulke vals bewerings doelbewus gemaak om ‘n saadjie te plant dat Kilian iets weet en uit vrees eerder sal stilbly?

Intussen het die soektog na die jong skieter wat doodluiters verby talle ooggetuies deur Bishop Lavis se strate gestap het, blykbaar steeds niks opgelewer nie ondanks ‘n beloning van R1 miljoen wat deur Forensics for Justice uitgeloof is. Het niemand die jong man geken of herken nie, of is hulle te bang om te praat?

Sterk vermoedens dat die veiligheidsbewuste Kinnear dalk sy jong moordenaar geken het en dus niksvermoedend opgetree het toe hy oor die pad na sy motor aangestap gekom het, bevestig hardnekkige gerugte dat die jong skieter kort daarna “uitgehaal” is om te keer dat hy praat. Ook gerugte dat sy liggaam langs dié van Kinnear in die lykhuis gesien is, is nog nie bevesig of ontken nie.

Die ondersoek sloer en fokus deurgaans net op Kilian se kwalifikasies en hoe hy met basiese selfoontegnologie die ligging van Kinnear se selfoon sedert Maart gemonitor het. Intussen het dit aan die lig gekom dat Militêre Intelligensiedienste óók Kinnear se selfoon gemonitor het, terwyl enigeen met die gevorderde GRABBER-tegnologie dit ook kon doen sonder om ‘n spoor te los.

Kilian het nooit ontken dat dié betrokke selfoonnommer (van Kinnear) een van talle is wat hy namens kliënte monitor in sy skuldinvorderings- en ondersoekwerk nie. Hy het uit die staanspoor gesê hy moes die ligging van dié nommer namens ene Mohammed monitor wat glo bewyse van owerspel teen sy vrou soek. Mohammed se telefoonnommer(s) is steeds op Kilian se foon en in die polisie se besit.

Die onbeantwoorde vrae wat pla, is:

  • Hoekom sal enigeen wat willens en wetens by ‘n sluipmoord op ‘n hoëprofiel-speurder betrokke is, van die mees basiese moniteringstoerusting gebruik maak as hy weet dit kan maklik na hom teruggevoer word?
  • Hoekom moet iemand in Springs Kinnear se bewegings monitor as die meeste bendeleiers en figure in die Kaapse onderwêreld oor Grabbers beskik en SAPD-lede en regeringsamptenare dit wettig kan gebruik?
  • Hoekom is die ligging van Kinnear se selfoon hoegenaamd belangrik in die beplanning van ‘n sluipmoord by sy huis as almal weet waar hy al 25 jaar woon en elke aand slaap?
  • Hoekom het die Polisie STEEDS nie onthul wie verantwoordelik was vir die onttrekking van beskermingsdienste aan Kinnear en sy gesin nie?
  • Hoekom is die dossiere wat Kinnear met groot moeite voor sy dood opgestel het oor polisielede se betrokkenheid by die Wes-Kaapse rampokker-sindikaat nooit verder ondersoek nie en is stappe al gedoen teen die spesifieke amptenare wie se name hy pertinent noem?

Wie en wat is Zane Kilian en wat is sy betrokkenheid by Kinnear? 

Hoe het dit gebeur dat die jongste en grapmaker-lid van ‘n bekende en gerespekteerde gesin van Springs – nogal dié van ‘n polisiekolonel en sy geliefde vrou – oornag midde-in dié Kaapse tragedie en rampokkerwêreld beland het? ‘n Joviale oud-rugbyspeler en spiertier wat bekend is vir sy poetsbakkery en nes sy Pa nog nooit sy mond aan enige drank of rookding gesit het nie?

Zane is die jongste van vier kinders van die afgetrede oud-lt.kol. Hein en Heila Kilian wat sy lewe lank op Springs woon. Kilian (snr) was jare lank ‘n gerespekteerde onluste-bevelvoerder en vuurwapen-instrukteur in die area en het ná sy aftrede in 1992 nog vuurwapenopleiding aangebied.

Zane het professionele rugby gespeel vir die Valke en die Griekwas tot sy rugbyloopbaan in 2012 kortgeknip is nadat hy sy rug gebreek het. Sy laaste besoek aan Kaapstad was juis tydens ‘n rugbywedstryd op Nuweland in 2012.

Daarna het hy saam met sy Pa en oom vir maatskappye soos Rent to Own en ABSA begin werk om voertuie op te spoor en terug te neem weens agterstallige paaiemente. Zane het ook geldinvorderings vir banke en kliënte gedoen. Wanneer die skuldiges vlug, moet hulle regoor die land gesoek en opgespoor word – soms met behulp van kontakte landwyd – en dit is waar die ondersoek en opsporing (tracing) inkom.

Ná die moord op Zane se Ma in April 2018 tydens ‘n gewapende rooftog by haar suster en swaer se huis buite Stilbaai, is die familie tot stilstand geruk. Zane se pa was gebroke en het hom van die besigheid onttrek, terwyl Zane emosioneel so getraumatiseer was dat hy al sy hare afgeskeer en die woord MOM en ‘n hart aan die kant van sy kop laat tatoeëer het. Zane en sy Ma was baie geheg aan mekaar en was die twee gesinslede wat altyd saam gelag en grappies gemaak het. Ná haar tragiese dood het die pyn van dié naaldkuns ‘n mate van ontvlugting en ‘n uitlaatklep vir sy emosionele pyn geword en hy het al hoe meer tatoeëermerke oral op sy lyf laat aanbring – meesal met ‘n Christelike inslag soos die woorde In God I Trust.

Diegene wat Zane goed ken, beweer daar is nie ‘n manier wat dié saghartige reus doelbewus by enige bendelede of onwettighede betrokke sou raak nie – daarvoor het hy té lank saam met sy polisie-pa gewerk en was hy té lief vir sy voorbeeldige Ma.  Boonop is hy die enkelouer van ‘n sewejarige seuntjie met spesiale behoeftes wat voltyds sorg en aandag nodig het.

Hulle glo dis juis sy naïwiteit en sorgelose geaardheid om almal te vertrou en te wil help, wat hom ‘n maklike teiken vir lede van die berugte Kaapse onderwêreld gemaak het.

“Zane ken nie eens mense in Kaapstad nie en weet so min soos ek van die Kaapse bendewêreld. Hy werk meesal telefonies met honderde kliënte landwyd wat hy nooit ontmoet nie en as jy die ligging van ‘n selfoon vir iemand moet monitor, weet jy nie eens wie se selfoon dit is nie tensy dit pertinent vir jou gesê word.

“In dié geval het hy aanvaar hy monitor ‘n foon vir ‘n man wat sy vrou verdink van buite-egtelike verhoudings . . . en toe kom dit uit dis al die tyd dié van ‘n top-speurder van die Kaap wat boonop nou vermoor is. Zane was dalk agtelosig en naïef om ‘n kliënt goedsmoeds te vertrou, maar deel van ‘n moordkomplot en dit nogal op ‘n top-speurder?

“Nooit as te nimmer – hy is geframe en hoe gouer hulle die regte mense opspoor, hoe beter!”

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While Zane Kilian's scheduled bail application in the Kinnear investigation this morning was botched AGAIN by Covid and the sudden announcement that additional charges have been laid against him, it appears as if the prominent footage of the actual killer and his helper in a getaway car has completely slipped the mind of the investigators?

Kilian skieter3

The 39-year old former rugby player of Springs has been in custody since 21 September 2020 and appears to be the ONLY focus and (very unlikely) suspect in the shocking assassination of lt.col. Charl Kinnear on 18 September 2020 in broad daylight in front of his Bishop Lavis home.

Zane Kilian mooi1

Tired, 20 kg lighter and traumatized by the past 6 weeks' ordeal, Kilian was in better spirits yesterday afternoon and looking forward to this morning's long-awaited bail application in the Bellville magistrate's court .

No sooner had his attorney Eric Bryer and adv. Eckhardt Rösemann left him at the Bellville holding cells late yesterday afternoon after preparing for his court appearance, when police officers visited him again in an attempt to negotiate a plea bargain and/or persuade him to become a state witness. Kilian refused to address them in the absence of his attorney and Bryer had to be called back.

They were informed that the same National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) who earlier refused to investigate Kinnear's serious allegations of a rogue crime intel unit operating illegally in the Western Cape, are now planning to add several additional charges against Kilian - including conspiracy to kill Cape Town attorney William Booth and fraud for claiming to work as a private detective when he was allegedly not registered with the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (Prisa). Booth was allegedly involved in an attempted hit at his home in April this year.

William Booth

 Cape Town attorney William Booth

In the light of the above and because the presiding magistrate had apparently been diagnosed with Covid-19, the application did not go ahead and was postponed till the earliest available date on 27 November 2020.

Zane Kilian's attorney Eric Bryer

Furious and frustrated family members of Kilian are concerned about his health and mental state and the power games being played.
"The Police had almost six weeks to investigate this high-profile case and all they concentrated on till now is Zane's cellphone tracking records and 'qualifications'. Where is the real killer and the people who gave the orders? Why is nothing ever mentioned about the footage showing the shooter walking around in Bishop Lavis for six hours prior to the shooting without ever speaking on a cellphone? Why did they have to wait till the night before Zane's bail application to come forward with these additional charges?
"This was a devious ploy to arrest him immediately again if bail was granted!" a relative said.

Zane attorneys

Zane Kilian's legal eagles adv. Echardt Rösemann and lawyer Eric Bryer at the Bellville magistrate court

Kilian's family and friends are convinced that he was set up as a convenient scapegoat and decoy to derail the investigation in order to protect the same rogue police officers and gangsters whose criminal activities Kinnear exposed in a lengthy 59-page Affidavit that the slain police officer compiled and sent to the highest authorities in 2019. The docket apparently contains prima facie evidence of criminal intent in the SAPS and centred on the corrupt activities of a rogue crime intel unit operating illegally in the Western Cape under disgraced Police General, Elvis Jula.

Kinnear also prominently mentioned the names of six suspects whose activities were supposed to be investigated at top level. Apparently, the docket was investigated by the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) who in turn sent it around July 2019 to the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) in the Western Cape for a decision. Shortly after Kinnear's untimely death, it came out that the Kinnear docket had been “nollied” or closed (nolle prosequi) by the NPA.

Charl Kinnear murder scene

Top-detective Charl Kinnear was gunned down by a lone shooter while sitting in his car outside his house less than ten months after police protection for him and his family was mysteriously withdrawn  

The Police had also still not revealed who gave the orders to cancel the authorized police protection for Kinnear and his family in November last year after Kinnear submitted all the evidence to proof that his life - and those of his family - were in danger.

About allegations that Kilian had pinged up to 10 000 numbers in six months, an expert in the field of tracking people for debt collection and vehicle repossession said it averages 55 pings per day - which is standard procedure as you sometimes have to ping the same numbers more than 10 times in order to track them.
"People who owe money always duck and dive and use more than one cellphone, so you have to keep trying until you can track them to the nearest cellphone tower. With a ping, you don't get an exact location - only a radius of approximately 800 metres."

There is also concern that Kilian is continuously being intimidated and cajoled into confessing or revealing information that he has no knowledge of. He has repeatedly offered to participate in any polygraph or lie detesting test, but to no avail.

Kilian was apparently one of many in the trade who bought their "ping bundles" with an accompanying unique login code from Bradley Goldblatt, who apparently also works for the SAPD.

Questions are now raised about how many people bought these ping bundles and tracking facilities from Bradley Goldblatt and whether they could use the same code to ping locations? Apparently Bradley had many clients in the Cape underworld.

What are the responsibilities and liability of these companies offering access to cellphone tracking facilities to prevent foul play?

While the investigation into Kinnear's murder seems to drag and focus entirely on an outsider from Springs with an insignificant one-man-business, not a word is mentioned about a police hunt for the young killer who was prominently captured on camera and those behind it.

No identikit of the killer's face was made in an attempt to get public assistance in identifying him and allegations that his body was seen in the morgue next to Kinnear's have not been refuted or confirmed.






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Skokkende bewerings dat die jong man wat wyle lt. kol. Charl Kinnear (52) koelbloedig voor sy huis doodgeskiet het, kort daarna óók doodgeskiet is en dat sy lyk langs Kinnear s'n in die lykhuis gesien is, is pas weer uit betroubare bron bevestig.

Die jong man, geklee in 'n rooi kappietop wat duidelik op beeldmateriaal vasgevang is waar hy verby mense in Bishop Lavis se strate stap voor hy Kinnear doodluiters deur sy motorruit doodskiet, het sedertdien skynbaar spoorloos verdwyn . . .

Kilian skieter

Die bewerings versterk die vermoede dat die einste korrupte SAPD- en bendelede wat al jare lank saam 'n gedugte misdaadsindikaat in die Wes-Kaap bedryf en op wie se spoor Kinnear was, agter Kinnear se sluipmoord sit.

Bewyse is na bewering ook gevind dat Kinnear se selfoon deur lede van Militêre Intelligensie gemonitor is.

Bogenoemde verwikkelinge versterk ook die vermoede dat Zane Kilian (39) van Springs doelbewus deur dié sindikaat by die saak ingesleep is as sondebok en aandag-afleier, wetende dat hy oor geen inligting oor die Kinnear-moord beskik wat hulle aan die kaak kan stel nie.

Zane Kilian

Kilian is al sedert 21 September in aanhouding en al sy pogings om om borgtog aansoek te doen, is telkemale uitgestel omdat 'n "veiliger" hof glo geïdentifiseer moet word vir sy verskyning weens die woede van die inwoners van Bishop Lavis.

HOEKOM is dié inwoners so kwaad vir Kilian as die beeldmateriaal duidelik wys dit is NIE hy wat Kinnear vermoor het nie? Hoekom plaas die gemeenskapskoerant Die Son nie die foto's van die skieter om die gemeenskap se gemoedere te laat bedaar sodat die ware moordenaar(s) vasgetrek kan word nie?

Kilian is glo boonop deur SAPD-lede aangemoedig om as Artikel 24-staatsgetuie op te tree in ruil vir "beskerming vir hom en sy gesin". Kilian het dit van die hand gewys omdat hy geen inligting het oor Kinnear se moord of die beplanning daarvan nie.

Skadevergoedingseis teen polisie



Kilian beplan glo om 'n skadevergoedingseis van tussen R20 en R35 miljoen teen die SAPD in te stel vir sy onregmatige opsporing, inhegtenisneming, aanhouding en beswaddering deur die media sonder dat die SAPD die vereiste lasbrief en dagvaarding gehad het.

Kilian is kort ná Kinnear se moord by die saak ingesleep nadat die bekende Kaapse bendeleier Jerome (Donkie) Booysen, glo gesê het 'n Pretoriase kennis het hom (Booysen) gewaarsku dat iemand sy selfoon monitor en dat dit glo ene Zane Kilian is.

Jerome Donkie Booysen

Jerome (Donkie) Booysen, 'n bekende in die Kaapse onderwêreld

'n Middernagtelike klopjag is dadelik op Kilian se huis in Springs uitgevoer en nadat dit deursoek is vir gevorderde telekommunikasietoerusting, is niks gevind nie en net op sy selfoon beslag gelê.

Owerspelige vrou se bewegings moes gemonitor word



Bewyse is wel daarna op Kilian se selfoon gekry dat hy die ligging van Kinnear se selfoon gemonitor het, maar die persoon (ene Mohammed) wat hom dié nommer gegee het onder die voorwendsel dat Kilian sy "owerspelige vrou" se selfoon moet monitor, het blykbaar elke keer 'n ander simkaart gebruik (ghost phone) sodat die nommers nie meer bestaan of opgespoor kan word nie nie - 'n ou, bekende gebruik in die Kaapse onderwêreld.

Sy regsverteenwordiger, adv. Eckardt Rösemann, het vroeër dokumente en bewyse by die hof ingedien waarin hy aanvoer dat sy kliënt nie moord gepleeg het, sameswering tot moord gepleeg het of die wet op telekommunikasiewetgewing oortree het nie, aangesien hy wettig geregistreer is by die betrokke beheerliggaam om ondersoek- en selfoonmoniteringswerk te doen.

'n Woedende familievriend het vanoggend gesê: "Zane was agt jaar laas in die Kaap, hy het verlede jaar eers die skuldinvorderings- en private ondersoekwerk van sy huis af in Springs begin doen en het nie eens geweet van Kinnear se bestaan nie. Hy is deur 'n man (Mohammed) gekontak wat glo van sy vrou wou skei oor haar owerspelige gedrag en Zane moes haar bewegings deur dié nommer monitor.

Die polisie het AL die bewyse en nommers, maar Zane word steeds geteiken



"Al die nommers van die persoon (Mohammed) wat Zane gekontak het, is steeds op sy foon, maar is "spooknommers" en bestaan nie meer nie. Kort ná Zane se inhegtenisneming het sy vrou, Nicolene, ook 'n whatsapp ontvang wat vra dat al "Mohammed" se nommers van Zane se foon verwyder moet word. Niemand weet hoe dié persoon (Mohammed) ook Nicolene se selfoonnommer bekom het nie. Dié whatsapp aan haar en al die nommers van ene Mohammed op Zane se selfoon is in die Polisie se besit", het hy gesê.

  • Intussen is die Valke se ondersoekspan in Kinnear se moord ontslaan en is 'n brigadier van Pretoria en 'n polisiekolonel van Kimberley ingeroep om die saak oor te neem.

Charl Kinnear1

Zane is steeds in aanhouding in Bellville en sal Woensdag eers weer in die hof verskyn om te hoor "watter distrikshof is veilig genoeg om sy borgtogaansoek aan te hoor".

Van die tergende vrae wat steeds nie beantwoord is nie, is:

*  WIE het die opdrag gegee om die polisiebeskerming aan Kinnear en sy gesin te staak?;

*  Hoekom het Militêre Intelligensie Kinnear se selfoon gemonitor?;

*  Hoe kan 'n jong man binne sekondes nadat hy 'n speurhoof helder oordag in Bishop Lavis doodgeskiet het, van die aardbol verdwyn en hoekom is sy bewegings ná die moord nie ook op beeldmateriaal vasgevang nie?

*  Wie is die persoon (Mohammed) wat Kinnear se selfoonnommer onder valse voorwendsels aan Kilian gegee het? Is Kilian juis as gerieflike sondebok geteiken omdat hy buite die Kaapse bendewêreld woon en 'n klein, eenman-besigheidjie in Springs bedryf wat geen risiko van uitkenning vir lede van die Kaapse onderwêreld inhou nie?

Kilian skieter3


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