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September 7 at 2:33 AM
We can't think of a more ideal place for regular live STREET shows and parties than the Mossel Bay area . . . and with so much local talent and innovative people, it can easily become one of Mossel Bay's trademarks as the happiest holiday town in the world!
DèJá Vu Vintage House and local flamboyant showgirl and performer Cornelle Carstens who live up to their slogan NO Business Like SHOW Business literally paved the way last night with a few Spanish dances on the stoep of their premises overlooking Marsh Street as a prelude to the traditional movie show in the Monroe Theatre.
Guests enjoying snacks and drinks while waiting for the vintage movie Barefoot Contessa  

What a vibe! In brilliant Spring weather in lovely Mossel Bay . . . !

Verbygangers het gisteraand verbaas na die vrolike Spaanse straattoneeltjie in Marshstraat gekyk waar die Tango/Flamenco nonchalant onder Olé-toejuiging 'n Mosselbaaise kleurtjie en seegeurtjie gekry het . . .
Die heerlike interkontinentale straatkafee-atmosfees wat kunstenaars na 'n dorp kan bring, moet nie onderskat word nie . . . en met Mosselbaai se heerlike buitelug-klimaat en natuurskoon, asook groot verskeidenheid top-kunstenaars wat hier kom nesskop het, kan straatteaterkuns eintlik 'n groot aantrekkingskrag en toeriste-lokmiddel wees wat die middedorp saans laat léwe . . .

As Cornelle Carstens, Mosselbaai se flambojante verkleurmannetjie-"entertainer" gisteraand 'n bietjie langer haar lewendige Spaanse danspassies op die sypaadjie voor Dèjá Vu Vintage House uitgepak het, kon sy dalk die hele Marshstraat spontaan aan die dans gehad het . . . 
Die Spaanse musiek en dansnommertjies op die sypaadjie voor DèJá Vu is as voorskou vir die gebruiklike bioskoopvertoning in die Monroe-teater aangebied. Te oordeel na die gaste en verbygangers se reaksie, kan Mosselbaai se middedorp baie baat vind by sulke innoverende kunsvermaak in regte straatkafee-kunstradisie . . . .


Meer foto's en interessante nuus op ons FB-blad:



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The second annual SOUL FESTIVAL in Mossel Bay was celebrated in extraordinary warm, sunny weather - in the heart of the Cape winter. The festivities in superb sunshine and stunning surrounds gave both locals and visitors a true peek into the SOUL of the town.


We won't TELL you - we'll rather SHOW you . . . !


Oops, we are in trouble . . . We received an email from an irate expat now living in Canada . . . He accused us of deliberately "staging" our photos to falsely portray Mossel Bay as a "crime free tropical paradise with perfect weather and sound inter-cultural relationships while everybody who watch international news know the stormy Cape winters and that nobody can relax on a beach anymore in that crime-infested hellhole of a country."


Well, what can we say . . . ? Sorrieee sir, if you were in Mossel Bay today, you would have seen for yourself . . . the town was ROCKING and the beaches abuzz with even TWO separate beach weddings . . . in the middle of August!


We don't need to stage Mossel Bay's beauty and the heart of its people - the SOUL of the town speaks for itself and today's Soul Festival was another heart-warming WHOPPER of a Fest.


Well done, Mossel Bay!


PS. Seeing is believing and we have so many random photos of today's splendour that we first want to showcase them all before we add captions with details . . . mostly to show Mr Expat what a town can achieve if its soul is in the right place! 

More soul-warming photos on our FB-page: 

Dis seker net in Mosselbaai waar 'n strandtroue en 'n SOUL-fees in die hartjie van die Kaapse winter so suksesvol gehou kan word . . .


Die perfekte somersdag het boonop sommer TWEE strandtroues op Santosstrand opgelewer . . . en terwyl die dorp gekóók het met die hoogtepunte van die Soul-fees, het ander luilekker langs die strand ontspan of gebraai.


Wat 'n FEES . . . wat 'n dorp.


Mosselbaai is in sy SIEL 'n feesdorp!

Rol ook ondertoe na ons vorige FB-plasing vir nog feesfoto's en besonderhede.

Lees/kyk ook hier na die vorige Fees van die Siel in 2018:
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WOW, and THIS is why everybody wants to live here . . . 


While we humans moan and groan about the cold and wind, nature flaunts its beauty all around - regardless of the weather and people's feeble toil and turmoil .. . 

Keen local photographers Riaan Human, Pamela Taylor and Magda Hopley captured the whales, the birds and beauty . . . and Riaan so eloquently sums it up:


 This morning at The Point, Mossel Bay

Early morning and dawn is breaking grey
With storm clouds on the Eastern horizon 
blocking the colouring rays of the rising sun
A cool westerly breeze stirs the incoming tide
As it smashes against the rugged rocky shore
All is well at the Point


A Southern Right whale waves its tail at the flock
of cape cormorants drawing lines in the sky
An African Black Oyster Catcher hunts out on the rocks
And a few Cape fur seals play loops in the surf 
As a pod of bottle-nosed dolphins glides past
All is well at the Point


 A Southern Right whale waves its tail at the flock
of cape cormorants drawing lines in the sky


This is where we gather every morning if we can
Some come for coffee or to check out the surf 
And walkers and runners or some just for chat
We breathe the fresh air and gaze out at the sea
The view costs you nothing the beauty’s for free
All is well at the Point



An African Black Oyster Catcher hunts out on the rocks


A Southern Right whale waves its tail at the flock
of cape cormorants drawing lines in the sky


The view costs you nothing the beauty’s for free
All is well at the Point


 When the sun sets the sky and see alight . . .

All is well at the Point



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