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 Vote CAPE PARTY to keep the anc OUT and to hold the da accountable in the Western Cape!

Cape Party foto


Carlo Viljoen

Voters wrongly believe that if they vote for the CAPE PARTY, the anc will benefit.

There is almost a mass hysteria, totally irrational belief that NOT VOTING da, will allow the ANC to RULE THE CAPE.


The only way to elect the anc into the Western Cape, is by actually physically VOTING for the anc!

By Not voting da your are not voting for the anc.

For Example;
(These figures are based on the previous election results within the Western Cape and the recent performance of these parties during by-elections within the Western Cape and our recent support growth )

da 48%
anc 29%
eff 3%
acdp 1%
cope 0.60%
vf+ 0.1 %
Other parties 3.2%

Total 100%

The result will then be; 
da 48% + CAPE PARTY 15% = 63%.

The anc 29% + eff 3% = 32% anc KEPT OUT!

Keep in mind that the anc has never been relevant in the Western Cape and that it has never been able to get much more than 30% of the vote in the Western Cape.

The only way this could benefit the anc is if the CAPE PARTY joined the anc in a coalition, which would NEVER happen!

Vote CAPE PARTY to keep the anc OUT and to hold the da accountable in the Western Cape!




Don’t you think it is a good idea to bring in some accountability for the da in the form of the CAPE PARTY, whilst at the same time you keep the anc at bay?

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