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Shocking evidence has emerged that an alleged crooked Edenvale cop, who was apparently also involved in the selling of firearms, operated a lucrative cyber sideline-business by selling cellphone apps and technology to various people which enables them to "ping" anyone from the central platform he controls.

 Bradley Goldblatt

Ex-cop Bradley Goldblatt apparently sold his technology to hundreds of clients, including corrupt police officers and gangsters in the Western Cape Underworld, enabling them to intercept the phones of prominent individuals like the slain lt.col. Charl Kinnear and Capetonian attorney William Booth.

This latest development cut to the core of the dragging investigation into the brutal assassination of the decorated top detective by a lone shooter in broad daylight outside his Bishop Lavis home on 18 September 2020.

The alleged involvement of underworld characters and a corrupt police officer also cast a shady light on the entire investigation that has been dragging on for more than six weeks with very little results.

Springs former rugby player Zane Kilian (39), thus far the only "official suspect" in Kinnear's assassination, was apparently only one of Goldblatt's many clients across the country who used the same platform to intercept the phones of thousands of people.

Kilian operates a small one-man debt collection and vehicle repossession business from his home in Springs for which he obtained a basic qualification to include tracing and investigation. 

Zane sertifikaat 


Zane lidmaatskap


Goldblatt's gigantic app platform apparently provided pinging technology and login codes to thousands of illicit users who were never verified. His clients include members of the Hawks, SAPS and SANDF. 


Zane Kilian borgfoto

Persistent allegations that Zane Kilian has been framed as a safe, handy decoy and scapegoat because he cannot identify the true killers have earlier led to an online petition to grant him bail    

It also came to light that a consortium of Jewish Cape Town businessmen was going to buy out Goldblatt's platform to which they already have access, proving the vast number of people out there who have access to the same platform and the capacity to ping.

Goldblatt's alleged involvement and contact with other corrupt cops and underworld characters also complicate matters for Kilian to find legal representation. Most criminal lawyers have become fearful to represent clients in murder trials in which gangsters and underworld characters are implicated following the murder of Cape Town advocate Pete Mihalik in what is believed to be a revenge-killing by opposing gang members.  

Mihalik was killed in front of his children in a well-planned hit in October 2018 outside Reddam House school in Green Point as he was dropping them off. Jannie Kruger, the Johannesburg lawyer who initially represented one of the three accused, received death threats and consequently withdrew from the case.

Adv. Eckhardt Rösemann (left) who initially represented Kilian with Gauteng lawyer Eric Bryer (right), has already stepped down to be replaced by adv. CJ Van Aswegen after assessing the enormity of the case that might lead to a Pandora's Box of police and gangster involvement that could further tarnish the SAPD's dubious reputation.  

Zane attorneys

While the police investigation is still stuck on these "ping lists", Kilian's family has now appointed a team of private investigators in Cape Town to find and identify the actual killer who was captured on various cameras strolling in the area for six hours prior to the actual shooting in front of Kinnear's Bishop Lavis home on 18 September 2018.

Kilian skieter3 

Kilian's lawyer, Eric Bryer, welcomed the new development that proves that his client was just one of many people who used Goldblatt's platform and ping bundles. Kilian admitted from day 1 that he unknowingly pinged Kinnear's cellphone number under the impression that it was the number of a client's wife. He maintained that he was working for a client called Mohammed who recruited him to trace the cellphone location of his wife whom he suspected of extra-marital affairs. 

Kilian also revealed earlier that he bought the "ping bundles" and technology from Bradley Goldblatt, who also supplied him with a specific login code.  The question is now how many of Goldblatt's clients used the same login codes.  

It has been established that the cellphone locations of both adv. Pete Mihalik and the slain Johannesburg anaesthetist Dr Abdulhay Munshi were pinged continuously before they were shot to death in cold blood. In both instances the pinging was not done by Zane Kilian. 

The cellphone location of Munshi, a co-accused in a culpable homicide case following the death of a young patient, was allegedly pinged 635 times before he was killed in September in a Johannesburg suburb. A vehicle apparently rammed into the back of Munshi's vehicle while he was driving and when he got out to assess the damage, he was shot.

Eric Bryer

Bryer said it is "inexcusable" that an ex-cop (Goldblatt) did not verify any of his subscribers and allowed them to ping to their hearts' content. It is also incomprehensible that he has not been arrested immediately when his illegal business is at the core of a multitude of unsolved murders.

 According to his Facebook profile, Bradley Goldblatt started his career at the SAPD in 2011.

Bradley Goldblatt1

Mosselbayontheline is privy to official information linking Goldblatt to a variety of criminal activities and irregularities in the Edenvale/Gauteng area which earned him the reputation as a "bad cop". He has since voluntarily resigned from the force in the face of being fired. Rumour has it that he is trying to negotiate a deal to become a Section 204 state witness in the Kinnear investigation, while he is also facing criminal charges in Johannesburg. He has reportedly been arrested, but no further information is available.   

Bradley Goldblatt info 2  

Bradley Goldblatt info1 2

Meanwhile, Kilian has been in custody since 21 September 2020 after Cape gang leader Jerome (Donkie) Booysen implicated him immediately in Kinnear's murder by saying that his (Booysen's) phone "has also been pinged by a person named  Zane Kilian".  A mob of police officers raided Zane's home at night in search of sophisticated intelligence equipment and eventually only found two cellphones. He was immediately arrested on charges of murder, conspiracy to commit murder and the illegal interception of communication.

Zane Kilian mooi1

All attempts to apply for bail had since been circumvented by the police. During his last scheduled bail application, additional charges were added to the list - including involvement in the alleged attempted murder of Cape Town attorney William Booth and fraud for claiming to work as a private detective when he was allegedly not registered with the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (Prisa). Booth was allegedly involved in an attempted hit at his home in April this year. 

Kilian's next bail application is scheduled for 27 November 2020. 

Kilian skieter

 * The strangest aspects of Kinnear's murder investigation is still that nothing is said or done about the actual young shooter who was caught on various cameras in Bishop Lavis up to 6 hours before the actual shooting.

In none of the camera footage was he talking on his cellphone or consulting it. Kilian's family wants to know why anyone would need to ping the location of somebody's cellphone if they know where he has been living for 28 years? The shooter was seen speaking to numerous people during that 6 hours, but after the shooting he disappeared in thin air, never to be seen or mentioned again.

Kilian's family is adament to find answers leading to the identification of the shooter and his whereabouts after the shooting. "We are forced to hire people to do the police's work to use available technology to identify the actual killer and to verify whether he is still alive or not - even if we have to visit all the morgues in the area", a family member said.   

 Also read:

Criminal lawyers are fearful of representing murder accused Zane Killian at his trial in light of information that underworld figures and a corrupt police officer were allegedly involved in the plot that claimed the life of Anti-Gang Unit section head Lieutenant-Colonel Charl Kinnear.

Advocate Eckhard Rosemann, talking candidly about representing Zane Killian, told Maverick Citizen he had initially been approached by Gauteng lawyer Eric Bryer to handle Killian’s bail application. 

Killian, a former professional rugby player, is facing a count of murder, conspiracy to commit murder and the illegal interception of communication. 

It is the state’s contention that Killian “pinged” or tracked Kinnear’s phone 2,116 times, right up until Kinnear was assassinated on Friday 18 September 2020 in front of his house at 10 Gearing Road, Bishop Lavis.

The state views Killian as an integral cog in the plot that claimed Kinnear’s life. Killian was bust in Springs on 21 September and brought to Cape Town to face the charges.

 “I wasn’t told when I decided to handle Killian’s bail application that he was implicated in the murder of Kinnear. I will handle his bail application set down for three days next week in the Bellville Regional Court,” Roseman said.

He would not elaborate on whether he would represent Killian in the ensuing murder trial. 

The alleged involvement of underworld figures and corrupt police officers has enabled Rosemann to assess the enormity of this case and the perils he could possibly face.

It is Killian’s contention that he was approached by a jealous husband, a Mr Mohamad, to track the phone of his wife whom he accused of having multiple affairs. 

Killian’s counsel during earlier appearances in the Bishop Lavis Magistrates’ Court alleged that Killian had been unaware that he had been tracking Kinnear’s phone.

However, investigations by Maverick Citizen established that payment for the tracking conducted by Killian was paid via Cash Send. 

 A pin was forwarded and the money was withdrawn. Killian was also allegedly introduced by a Gauteng security boss to the mysterious Mr Mohamad.

Mohamad’s identity is the missing link that would blow open the plot to kill Kinnear and help investigators to identify the rotten cops and the underworld figures behind the murder. 

It could set in motion the release of evidence that might further tarnish the reputation of the South African Police Services.

On Tuesday 20 October, advocates handling criminal cases in the Western Cape High Court warned that there was no guarantee Killian’s trial would not take the same route as that of murdered Cape Town advocate Pete Mihalik. 

Mihalik was killed in front of his children in a well-planned hit in October 2018 outside Reddam House school in Green Point as he was dropping them off.

In another twist in the Kinnear assassination and his 59-page affidavit containing damning allegations against members of an alleged rogue police unit, two more police officers have since come forward and made claims against corrupt senior police officers. 

Vuyile Maliti, along with Sizwe Biyela and Nkosinathi Khumalo were arrested shortly after Mihalik’s killing. The trio faces charges of attempted murder and the possession of an unlicensed firearm and ammunition.

 “Advocates and top criminal lawyers have taken a decision not to represent the accused in the Mihalik murder. After the three accused were denied bail in July 2019 in the Cape Town Magistrates’ Court the pre-trials to set down a date for the hearing have been postponed several times because of problems in obtaining legal representations for the accused in the Western Cape,” advocates said.

Meanwhile, Jannie Kruger, representing Maliti, received threats in November 2019 to withdraw from the matter. An unknown person who obtained his number called Kruger and told him if he loved his family he should “walk away”.

“After what happened to Kinnear I need to consider my representation in this matter. At this stage it would be best to ask someone in Cape Town to represent my client,” said Kruger.

Kruger is certainly not taking the threats he received lightly, nor the chilling message the death of Kinnear has sent out.

In another twist in the Kinnear assassination and his 59-page affidavit containing damning allegations against members of an alleged rogue police unit, two more police officers have since come forward and made claims against corrupt senior police officers. 

Maverick Citizen has seen the officers’ statements (we have copies) accusing members of an alleged rogue unit in Crime Intelligence of wrongful arrest, illegally detaining officers and intimidation and corruption.

One of the officers said in his statement

 “I was wrongfully arrested on 9 June 2020 by a detective on false charges of corruption and theft. I was assaulted and forced to commit perjury by giving a false statement against a fellow police officer to help them get a conviction on a case.”

The officer claimed to have been arrested while wearing full uniform and while on duty and “without a valid reason”.

“I spent 18 days in police custody. While I was in custody, a female Lieutenant-Colonel came to my cell and forced me to sign a form saying I give consent that SAPS may stop my income. The female senior officer told me that this form is only a formality and that she already submitted a form to the provincial office to stop my salary.”

However, when the arrested officer’s legal representative arrived at the court, the senior female officer didn’t arrive. The officer was released on free bail on 26 June.

Killian’s bail application has been set down for Monday and Tuesday, 26 and 27 October and Friday 30 October.

The State has indicated it will oppose bail and also exploit allegations that the documents handed in by Killian’s counsel showing he was a registered private investigator and lawfully entitled to do tracking, are not authentic. DM/MC



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